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Timberland Boots - Engineered for Function As Well As Fashion

Timberland Boots - Engineered for Function As Well As Fashion

The brand Timberland, when split into its constituent words, reflects the type of footwear they design and produce. The word timber refers to a manufactured product that has its roots in the natural world. It conjures up strength, tough structure and longevity. The word land invokes ruggedness and durability. Not surprising Timberland footwear is not out of place in the wilderness of the terrestrial landscape.red timberland boots for sale,

Timberland Shoes have been at the forefront of hardwearing shoes since its inception in 1973. While most shoes are stitched to their soles, this brand of shoe invented the concept of gluing them in order to ensure that the final product is completely waterproof. The process of injection moulding, navy blue timberland boots,as it has been come to known, still continues today maintaining the high quality of all their merchandise.

Without doubt the most renowned product line in their collection are their boots. Whether they be the more traditional and practical highly supportive hi-top nubuck leather scrape and rust resistant lace up, ideal for any wilderness purpose or the more elegant long leather boot which does not look out of place in the same scenario or worn out at functions, the one thing that you can rest assured with is that these shoes are built to last. The natural stylish colours of dark brown, light brown and tan with a choice of decorative trimmings such as buckles,all black timberland boots, stitching and subtle logo branding combined with the rounded toe and treaded sole guarantee that they will coordinate with any winter outfit.


The men's line also includes boots but while still maintaining the natural colour scheme have a slightly wider choice with boot style and colour. They have the choice of higher, more holed boots or a more dessert boot like style with only four holes.womens pink timberland boots, Why not try the black leather ones for work and the light tan for social occasions?

While commonly better known for their boots, Timberland Footwear also generates many other styles of shoes. Deck shoes, loafers, trainers and even high-heeled or flat sandals all lay within the brand.

We all know that a child's foot can be damaged if not nurtured carefully in their growing years. Wearing poorly designed, unsupportive and too restrictive footwear can lead to extensive problem throughout their childhood and into their adult life.timberland shoes sale  Timberland Boots designers are acutely aware of these facts. Not only are the boots highly practical and suited to the rough and tumble lifestyle of these youngsters but they are just too adorable. They can look like mum and dad in their adult replicas.

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